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Couple Of present-day subscribers of word Ways bear inside mind Dave Silverman, the very first Kickshaws editor from may 1969 by means of November 1975. He had been a mathematician in Hughes Aircraft before forming a small consulting company (Research Consultants Unlimited) that managed via his house in West Los Angeles. Any cheerleader for word Ways ("It would be lovely if we're in a position to produce a achievement associated with Term Ways on our own. And I Also believe we can perform it"), he had tons of uncooked material: "... given time to compose [my Kickshaws ideas] up, I could easily fill the actual subsequent three years of WW ... the particular backlog involving K material I have can be staggering ... if I took 72 hours vacation & pulled all the phones out of his or her jacks, I could retire to my house office, where I can't listen to your doorbell when my tape deck can be playing, & get off SO pages associated with unpadded K contribs ... if I add my own, personal stuff, greater than 800 pages. I have got boxes and legal dimension letter file boxes crammed packed with notes in K". (But he did have got 1 fault exasperating to a editor: he couldn't deliver Kickshaws in time. Apparently he labored greatest below pressure: "I like to glance with the tug involving life--without it I really feel a new individual is nowhere".) Alas, the vast majority of this corpus in zero way noticed the lighting associated with day: he tragically died upon Feb 18 1978 at the relatively youthful chronilogical age of 48, reportedly the particular consequence of your nervous breakdown. Here is a test of his Kickshaws.

Meaning as well as Origin

A kickshaw will be defined possibly inside a neutral way as "a bauble, trifle, or knickknack" or even much more flatteringly as "a fancy tidbit; a new delicacy." the purpose of this feature would become to satisfy both definitions through presenting linguistic products of light-weight as well as vast diversity, made to appeal to the tastes of most recreational linguisticians.

The word is of latest origin (from the aim of view of theetymologists), getting been released directly into American speech within colonialtimes as a Yankee corruption of the French phrase quelque chose, meaning"something". As Quickly As kickshaws became a component of our language, itwas all-natural to treat it as a plural form and to coin kickshaw as thesingular form--an instance of the back-formation. An Additional such example isthe phrase pea. The Actual plural peas (earlier pease) was originally singular inmeaning, although plural inside sound. Since sounds practically always triumphsover sight in the evolution involving language, pea was formed via peas ratherthan vice versa.

Ghoti Revisited

Most viewers will recall George Bernard Shaw's clever example of the particular hopeless disparity between English spelling along with pronunciation. By his lights, GHOTI ought for you to be pronounced "fish" using your F sound inside laugh, the particular I sound in women, and in addition the SH audio within nation. Using the identical principle how could you pronounce NOST LIEUT TOLON? (Hint: the words coming from which usually the actual sounds are extracted are almost all military.) Answer; using the O sound throughout provost marshal, the LEF audio within lieutenant (British version), and also the UR audio in colonel, the correct pronunciation is "no left turn". Utilizing gunwale, boatswain, and colonel again, one could derive "Hello, Zen Master" from HWALEOST, TSWAIN MASTOLO, but in addition for brevity I similar to FORECAST, pronounced "folks" a la forecastle.


In the sport regarding Crash, a pair of players each along with every covertly jot down a five-letter word. (Some sophisticates that don't mind dragging the game out interminably use 6 or perhaps seven-letter words.) The Particular players then fire simultaneous salvos each and every other. A New salvo can end up being a group associated with 5 five-letter phrases selected inside an make an effort to detect the opponent's word. He must compose following each and also every word in the salvo the particular number of crashes it helps make together along with his secret word. A New crash will become the occurrence in the same letter inside the exact same position. Thus when the secret word is REGAL, then LARGE will not create any crashes together with it, while BEGIN scores 2 crashes (in 2nd and 3rd positions).

Suppose inside a game associated with Crash the first salvo of STRAW, HOLLY, TEPID, MINUS, and also COURT draws five zeros. Upon your next salvo, all of your five phrases draws one crash: BRING, GLOVE, SHEIK, TRUCE, and also FLIES. The winner involving the game is actually the initial player whose salvo contains his opponent's word. Could an individual guarantee you will have his term within your next salvo?

Crash Variants

Ross Eckler proposes a new variant regarding Crash in which the prospective phrase is not fixed but could always be modified all through the game to end up being able to conform along with the scores allotted to opponent's salvos. If any player errs in scoring his opponent's shots in this type of approach as to go away absolutely no legal target word, he will lose if challenged. This particular generally seems to us an much more exciting game compared to Crash. Let's call it Wild Crash.

We propose an additional variant called Uncrash. Alternately, each player adds any five-letter phrase in the agreed-upon dictionary in which crashes with simply no term previously within this list. Very first player stymied loses.

The Printer's Paradox

A printer features a block associated with 100 spaces, all of which can be filled with some of 27 various kind symbols: the 26 letters with the alphabet (upper case) and a null with regard to spacing purposes. the number of intelligible messages in which can be imprinted below these restrictions will be staggeringly large, nevertheless obviously finite, since the number of ways involving filling 100 spaces with any 1 of 27 symbols is the 100th power of 27.

Among these messages there really tend to be a few that characterize as well as define positive integers, sometimes inside any of numerous ways. With Regard To instance, 7 is characterized simply by SEVEN, FIVE PLUS TWO, THE SQUARE ROOT OF FORTY NINE, THE NUMBER OF DAYS IN A New WEEK, and lots of other ways the actual reader could think of. The Majority Of with the feasible messages tend to be nonsense. The Majority Of of those in which are not nonsense do not really reference integers. That follows, of course, that will the number of integers that may be characterized throughout no much more than 100 spaces is also finite, as well as which being true, there must be the largest one. Think about which largest integer for a moment. The idea will be very large indeed--certainly larger compared to 100th energy regarding 27, since there will probably be many integers lower than in which quantity that are incapable of characterization. call the particular largest characterizable integer M. Now consider the message ONE MORE THAN THE LARGEST NUMBER THAT CAN BE CHARACTERIZED IN ONE HUNDRED SPACES OR FEWER. that message characterizes M+1, requiring just 89 spaces. We are left using the contradiction which M is the actual largest characterizable integer, yet in which M+1 can be also characterizable. I have not witnessed any resolution of this paradox.

A Challenge

Readers tend to be hereby challenged in order to concoct the logical, intelligible and grammatical sentence beginning with the phrases "If I was the President ..."

Reply: I received 22 solutions, your drollest regarding that has been Murray Pearce's "If I has been your President, and also Mrs. if I was your First Lady." However my favorite ended up being provided by Elizabeth Byrnes of Philadelphia: "If I had been your President with regard to four years, how occur the Electoral college by zero means notified me with the fact?"

Mad British Ship Names

The English possess demonstrated magnificent taste in naming their men-of-war. some of names happen to always be able to be consequently dramatic which had that they been displayed on ensigns inside the language involving their naval enemies, I possess no doubt one lone Britisher could get stored an entire process force with bay. Examples: Indomitable, Intrepid, Indefatigable, Victorious, Valiant, Invincible, Redoubtable, Formidable, Dauntles, Repulse, Excalibur, Vigilant, Relentless, Avenger, Adamant, and Resolute. some of those fine names must have been really worth twenty extra guns at least.

If Mad magazine made a decision to lampoon the Royal Navy, it would probably commence with just about all the names with the ships. HMS Unfathomable would, of course, be described as a ship involving shallow draught. Your Mad Flotilla would surely include Repulsive, Insufferable, Abominable, Indubitable, Unmentionable (and the woman's sister ships Unspeakable and also Ineffable), Impeccable, Insensible, Innocuous, Incorrigible, Intemperate and Inebriated.


In reaction to art Seidenbaum's article "The trouble With Students" throughout West Magazine, Rich Goren of Showmanship wrote the following letter to the editor: "...Mr. Seidenbaum says about Santa Cruz University, 'I counted girls likely barefoot in order to classes; about one in most four.' Will he imply that one out of every and every four girls goes barefoot for you to class, as well as that barefoot girls go to one from every four classes, or that girls elect to go to one out of each and also every four classes barefoot, as well as which one of each four students with Santa Cruz can be a barefoot girl, or perhaps the girls in Santa Cruz possess 4 legs?" I can consider two much more plausible interpretations and don't possess any doubt that our viewers will discover many more.


It's an old trick to help make use of the 7-letter phrase as a tool for remembering a telephone number. With Regard To figures containing 1 or even 0 this is impossible, because it is, indeed for many quantities which in turn contain merely digits from two for you to 9; generally, 1 must work along with a suggestive letter and number combination or perhaps the nonsense word. few of us are generally fortunate enough to have an organic chemist buddy with just about all the phone amount SNowden 59637; if we had, we could ring him up by just dialing POLYMER. The idea was pointed in Occasion lately (and regarding 5 in years past in Your Realist) that the particular number with regard to Dial-a-Prayer is actually HOllywood 33266 so that if one forgets the number, he could potentially get his minute sermon any kind of period of your day by dialing GODDAMN. I surprise exactly what the quantity is created for Dial-a-Curse.

What's much more intriguing is the phone range in which admits two various decipherments--we could call them dual telephomnemonics. A girl employed SWINGER to become able to dial your ex jet-set boyfriend. a family involving midgets, mutual friends of both, took over the particular man's residence (and telephone) when he jetted out regarding town for good. Now, whenever she wants to contact her diminutive friends, she dials (you guessed it) PYGMIES. A Pair Of much more pairs: AMOUNTS CONTOUR and also ASTRIDE CRUSHED. of course, it's simple to become able to find pairs just like BOATING COATING, but not fairly consequently simple to find non-crashing pairs. care for you to try?


These tend to be backward rhymes for example SCRAM-MARX. Edmund Wilson, who may have invented them, makes use of these throughout his poem "The Pickerel Pond: A Double Pastoral" which in turn begins

Your lake lies with never any ripple A New lymph in order to lave sores from a leper Your sand white as salt in an air That Will provides filtered as well as tamed each and every ray; Under limpid water, those lissome Scrolleries scribbled by mussels The Particular floating dropped feathers of gulls; A New leech just just like a lengthening slug In Which shrinks with a touch, ink as well as orange; a child's wrecked Rio Janeiro, 1 fortress associated with which flies any reed Your cleft along with quick prints of your deer ...

and winds its fantastical method by means of an additional 67 stanzas. Your poem can become found in Wilson's Night Thoughts (Farrar, Straus & Cudahy), a new curious collection regarding anagrams, limericks, clerihews, and whimsical excursions that will end up being about each logophile's bookshelf.

Metternich's Fantastic Admirer Clever Peter Viereck'll seem the extra of a miracle In your event that he'll maintain himself inside a particle Along With refrain via sending us offprints associated with his each godblessed article.

Edmund Wilson is possibly not the most scurrilous clerihewer, but I know of none scurrilouser.


I came across an unusual two-word formation in Webster's Third. Translated through one-to-one encipherment into its numerical equivalent, it reads one 2 3 1 2 1 1 4 three two 4. I sent the latter to always be able to Walt Penney, which solved it with the aid associated with John Ferguson. He remarked in deadpan style "I don't believe there's another solution." I'm certain there can be not as well as will send a new copy of Webster's Third to anyone who finds more than the major one known solution. see if you can discover which first. How do you realize usually your one you find can be exactly the same as mine? no problem; I'll publish almost all solutions contributed a concern or two hence. good hunting.

Reply: Throughout the August issue I challenged the future prospect to locate what I hoped was a special two-word entry in Webster's Third. Illegal Copies of same had been promised most readers whom discovered alternate solutions. Through Mary J. Youngquist regarding Rochester, N.Y., thus: "Regarding your current challenge ... your solution is Loblolly Boy. Nevertheless the particular pattern is not unique. Have you by no means heard about Dabdaddy Bay? As Well As the actual Women's Lib Mothers' Holiday--Madmammy Day? And Also there is actually a sort associated with extremely selective dog-breeder known as a Pugpuppy Guy." Well, almost all right, Mary (but how did you miss Fagfaff's Gas?). Whenever your alternate solutions appear within Webster's Fourth, you tend to be able to be certain you'll find your Komplimentary Kickshaws Kopy.

Shaggy Doggerel

Leigh Mercer of London features sent a pair of poems with regard to this department, the first an original, the next from a 1960 competition held simply by Punch. on reading it you need to end up being able to be in any place to describe your nature of the competition.

On The Purveyor associated with Chocolate Any merchant that traded throughout cocoa much admired which strange style known as rococo. You'll become happy to learn In Which the actual title associated with his firm Is Actually to become the Rococo Cocoa Co. More Beer, Poor Fool! Whenever times drag lengthy (dull word, dull deed), This specific mere half pint won't meet your own need. Any time luck runs skew (sunk bond--lost pool), This particular lone half pint won't help, poor fool. While shot your current bolt, when lost your race, This specific bare half pint can't assist our case. Arrive fill your own mugs; soak treatment away. Every pint is likely for you to make this life less grey.

Myt correspondent document that will within the Mensa Bulletin of April 1969 appeared the next simply by K.F. Ross associated with Ny Area (shall we call it Spoonerhyme?):

Ill wit. Will it die out? I doubt

Very clever, I thought. I'll use a shot only with that new verse form. The subsequent lines had been created by simply an Eskimo pilot flying a polar bear pelt for you to his beloved:

By air I bear hoar fur regarding her

Reply: Murray Pearce composed the particular following Spoonerhyme upon the critical comment next Tom Thumb's vocal recital:

Some issues Thumb sings appear dumb, deem some

Word Association

In my opinion, normal phrase association tests usually are not specific enough for you to enable the tester to create valid conclusions in regards to the testee. There should be a pair of words pertaining to each and every association. A New cigar could connote Groucho Marx, along using a paintbrush could connote Grandma Moses, nevertheless how about a cigar plus a paintbrush? Winston Churchill, whom else? Any wig might make an individual think of Marie Antoinette as well as Samuel Johnson. A New hatchet might call Lizzie Borden to mind. Yet a wig plus a hatchet: obviously, George Washington. Now you're ready for that Kickshaws Term Association Test. Feel carefully before you select to examine your current character evaluation. Our words: APPLE as well as FIG.

Now for the rating. Adam and/or Eve: normal. Simply No association at all: normal. Isaac Newton (falling apple along with fig newton): hi, fellow weirdo. Isaac Newton in addition Adam and/or Eve: identical as prior rating. An association other than Adam and/or Eve or perhaps Isaac Newton: hoo boy!

He Laughs best ...

I ended up being tossing across the names of a variety of wars where both the opponents appear: Spanish-American, Franco-Prussian, Sino-English, Russo-Japanese, Arab-Israeli, Judeo-Roman, Anglo-Norman, and Greco-Roman. Is Actually it a new quirk involving historians or merely a new coincidence that the opponent named very first ended up being often the actual loser? This seems that a country with regards to to embark on war would prosper to see that your war is named before the fighting starts, using the enemy named first!

Onomatopoetic License or the ApianWay

The songbird which goes "tweet-tweet" for us trills "cui-cui" for a Frenchman. That's possible; animal language can vary along with geography. Nevertheless I usually surprise what intricate design causes German train whistles to be able to go "tof-tof" instead of "toot-toot". As Well As when it comes to describing the audio associated with the stimulated heart, the particular language barrier widens to a uncrossable chasm. Where our hearts go "pit-a-pat" as well as "pitter-patter" Japanese hearts go "doki-doki", and somehow, their rendition of a new temporary palpitation seems much more faithful than ours.

"My heart leaps up when I behold / Exquisite Genevieve Bujold"

And it will it with a Japanese accent. Nevertheless to go back to the topic of animal language, think about the particular bizarre experiment entomologists performed by simply means of further confirmation involving Von Frisch's generally accepted theory in which bees communicate the location of food sources to each additional through indicates of the "dance". Foragers returning to the hive right after discovering a fresh nectar supply perform any series of gyrations, as well as from the general tempo with the dance, the frequency of changes within the direction regarding rotation, and also maybe from other cues, their hive-mates are capable of determine along with good accuracy the particular length associated with the food supply from the hive and also its azimuth with respect to the sun. Any few years ago, researchers noticed that a French as well as an Italian strain of the same species regarding bee had rather different directional dances. The group of the particular French workers were color-marked and after having a motor trip across the Alps had been introduced to the Italian hive. their visas, regarding course, were within order, i.e. these people have been completely steeped in the odor involving the foreign hive. Your outcome had been as expected: the particular French bees consistently misinterpreted the Italian dances (all inside about exactly the same way) and also vice versa. May a person visualize your scene? In case not, permit me to limn it pertaining to you.

Scene: the hive outside regarding Turin. The Lyonnaise bee, played through Simone Signoret, can be confronted by an Italian bee, played through Anna Magnani. (For French along with Italian dialects create the nearest Swiss embassy).

Italian Bee (noticing French Bee's empty pouches and standing with middle legs akimbo): What's the particular matter, stupid? Can't you understand Apish? I danced "two kilometers southwest" not "three kilometers east".

French Bee: Don't tell me your troubles, sister; I've seen much better Apish danced simply by Swiss-Germans, and also now which I think of it, they weren't even bees--they had been wasps. Subsequent moment an individual occur back from a new forage, what about just drawing me any map?

Italian Bee: Izzatso? I suppose that will Kzotska you together with your current friends perform will be Apish. Listen, why don't you and also also these busy-bodies that brought an individual here go again where you came from? You've been nothing but negative information since they initial smuggled a person in.

French Bee: Oh, go curdle some mozzarella.

The pitch rises to always be able to fever, the Italians rise en masse as well as eject their French cousins, the actual entomologists retire throughout disorder, the dramatist fortifies himself having a couple of stingers, and also the publisher breaks outside in hives.

The Epithet Game

Going in the sublime to the ridiculous, let's revive the game in the forties known as Epithets or Hinky Pinkies. I'll give a brief phrase (e.g. "ill-natured taxi driver" or perhaps "Dracula and Frankenstein") and you also translate it right straight into a rhyming adjective-noun mixture (e.g. "crabby cabby" or "gruesome twosome"). Just Before we start, that will reminds me of something: that played Frankenstein in the American film version? No, you're wrong. Colin Clive played him. Boris Karloff played Frankenstein's monster. File that will away in your trivia cabinet and try these epithets:

Ardent employee Unimaginative surface decoration A cactus that goes out associated with its way to needle you A arena of igneous rock Boisterous policy meeting Dismal chorus Childish wall painting Brackish nut confection Fanatic slave Fruitful interval of time

One Man's Opinion

For an entire week, Monday may 7th by means of Saturday Could 12th, one of our many admired editorial journalists subjected us, your readers of Word Ways, into a relentless barrage involving castigation as well as ridicule. His point was that will playing with almost all the language just isn't an intelligent, adult pursuit, as well as getting the writer which he is, his rapier as smooth and sharp as those of some other man whom scribbled for a living, he made a very convincing case. by a quantity of strange quirk associated with psychology, I've found that the greater fanatic the logophile, the more inclined he's to acknowledge the particular justness with the denunciation. The idea should be the standard of the writing. Had he attacked your custom regarding eating as skillfully as he attacked wordplay within his six-day tirade, I most likely would have nodded in perfect agreement without, however, changing my diet plan within the slightest.

On Monday he began innocuously with a blast at the picture-poem. Valentine poems shaped similar to hearts, the actual epistles associated with Paul printed minutely inside their entirety around the (resumed) likeness of the Apostle, that sort of thing. Tuesday he castigated lipogrammatists and rebus-makers. Still nothing to create a new Journal regarding Recreational Logology reader blush, however the indicators had been ominous. sure enough, on Wednesday he struck together with vigor with us anagrammarians, pausing and then direct some scorn in the acrostic as well as the bouts rimes. on Thursday, warming to his sermon, he deftly exposed puns as well as punsters in order to his merciless sarcasm. Friday he started his summation against linguistic horseplay, including doggerel rhymes, and also Saturday concluded it with a Perelmanesque fantasy in that just about all of these objectionable examples regarding False Wit assume corporeal form and also cavort regarding fatuously until they are dispelled by the embodiment involving Correct Wit.

I don't thoughts letting an individual know I ended up being shaken after reading these six editorials. Your writer has always been a particular favorite involving mine. How fine it might become to create one's factors therefore compactly and cogently. Along With such a subtle, underplayed humor! Many writers may evoke the appreciative grin within their readers, however he will get belly-laughs without the slightest strain. Methought perhaps I has been demeaning myself with my logomaniacal pursuits and truly should use up a new hobby for example clam breeding or even linoleum laying. I talked about the articles to some Iogophiliac friend. His reply reassured me: "What did the actual guy recommend as a better way of obtaining your kicks? Creating dirty knock-knock jokes?" Suddenly I recalled the occasional sanctimonious streak in which marred this fine journalist's writings. In the event that it pleases you in order to definitely study the Philadelphia telephone directory 3 hrs each evening, does that give me license in order to publicly denounce you?

I read these tirades several a decade ago. These People had been developed in 1711 by Joseph Addison (The Spectator, quantities 58 by means of 63). If you don't very own The Actual Spectator, I urge you in order to definitely acquire or perhaps borrow any copy if only to study the anti-logophiliac articles. These People are extremely funny:

Monday: I have heard which there is actually certainly now an eminent Writing-Master ... who has transcribed every 1 of the old Testament in the full-bottomed Periwig; and also when the fashion ought to introduce the actual thick Kind associated with Wigs which had been throughout Vogue a range of few years ago, he promises to include a pair of as well as three supernumerary Locks in which shall contain all of the Apocrypha.

Tuesday (of the Odyssey regarding Tryphiodorus, who shunned the different letter of the Greek alphabet within each of the 24 publications within his translation): ... if the work ... ended up now extant ... what a perpetual Fund would it are already regarding obsolete words as well as Phrases, unusual Barbarisms along with Rusticities, absurd Spellings and sophisticated Dialects? I make absolutely no Issue however it could are already looked upon as certainly 1 of the actual most valuable Treasuries with the Greek Tongue.

Wednesday (on anagramming): I have often heard of a Gentleman who, when this Kind associated with Wit was at Fashion, endeavored for you to gain his Mistress's Heart simply by it. The Girl had been among the actual finest Ladies associated with the girl Age, along with known by the title of the Lady Mary Boon. Your Lover certainly not getting capable of make anything associated with Mary, by certain Liberties ... transformed it in to Moll and after having shut himself up for any half a new Year, along with indefatigable Industry produced an Anagram. Upon the presenting it in order to his Mistress, who was obviously a small vexed in her heart to see herself degraded straight into Moll Boon, your woman advised him, to his infinite Surprize, which he had mistaken her Sirname, for that will it had been not Boon however Bohun.

Thursday (on the actual painstaking classification of puns): I remember a Country School-Master associated with my acquaintance told me once, he had been in Organization with a Gentleman whom he looked upon to become the greatest Paragrammatist one regarding the Moderns. Upon Enquiry, I found my learned Friend had dined that day together with Mr Swan, your famous punster; as well as desiring him to become able to produce a amount of Account regarding Mr Swan's Conversation, he advised me that he generally talked inside the Paronomasia, that he sometimes gave into the Ploce, but that within his humble Opinion he shined many within the Antaclasis.

Clifton Fadiman wrote a new fine essay, "Small Excellencies: A Dissertation upon Puns" (Any Amount Can Easily Play, Avon, 1957) that Addison may not need regarded highly, however, you will.

Addison has been joshing, of course, when he wrote concerning the swain who spent six a couple of months producing an anagram of MOLL BOON. Absolutely Nothing could come of these letters (could it?), consequently assume which he was operating with LADY MOLL BOON. Ross Eckler comes up using a couple of possibilities which Lady Bohun would surely have rejected, even had the woman's lover spelled her name correctly. Can Easily an individual find one?

Lady Moll Boon

Readers were encouraged to seek your anagram which may lurk in these unpromising letters, as well as seven of these took the crack in it. Everybody got MOLDY BALLOON where there were several others equally unacceptable simply by unromantics for example Murray Pearce as well as Ross Eckler. Can't you merely observe that lovesick youth zapping his inamorata with OLD LOONY LAMB? No, gentle Kickshavians, the facts may be revealed to me in the form of a yellowed copy involving The Actual Spectator, printed over 250 years ago. The Particular original lady of the anagram has been none besides Lady Margaret Styrne, daughter of the fourth Earl involving Beastleigh-on-Severn. Most with the edition ended up being burned by Addison as well as Steele to end up being able to end up being able to modify the Earl, that had threatened these with a suit for invasion involving primacy (he was, as well time, any bishop, or perhaps maybe it was an ape; the particular records are not necessarily clear upon this point). Most e-book collections bore the particular amended fictitious name, however the swain involving Addison's parable was not confronted with almost all the impossible letters LADY MOLL BOON. His 6 months were, within point involving fact, spent on a new different collection involving letters. MARGARET he found also challenging, therefore he later on changed it to be able to PEGGY and still later on to MEG. and he couldn't spell his method out of a muslin purse; his anagram, in accordance with report, ended up being according to the words LADY MEG STEARNE. Lord (Styrne) merely knows what his anagram was, yet following six months of work it must happen for you to be a new lulu!

Double-Duty Words: Exactly Where do You come From, Precisely what do You Do?

For a few 4 centuries your English are already helping themselves freely to be able to foreign words (among other valuables) and in so carrying out have enriched themselves in supplement to be able to their language. America has adopted your lead of the mother country, and as a new results of the actual interaction among English-speaking peoples, it just isn't chauvinistic to always be able to speculate that will from the viewpoint of expressive capability English will always be the richest (terrestrial) language.

As a byproduct of our own tendency for you to proper words from other languages, we have a significant shop of phrases that will denote each occupation and nationality. Chanteuse just isn't a good illustration of what I get throughout mind. Though lifted bodily via French, it could use simply no much less aptly in order to Lena Home rather as compared to to Edith Piaf. Likewise along with gendarme or even cicerone (a not-necessarily-Italian guide). Nevertheless the dragoman is definitely an interpreter from one of the Arabic-speaking countries. As Well As if one woman writes amah on an employment application in London or even The big Apple along with another writes ayah, then are both nursemaids, the extremely first Chinese, the next East Indian. We might properly call an amah any nanny, but it wouldn't caused by contact an English nursemaid an amah. The few others examples involving double-duty words:

English Phrase Occupation Nationality lascar sailor East Indian kanaka sailor Polynesian gaucho cowboy Argentine vaquero cowboy Mexican muzhik collective farmer Russian kibbutznik collective farmer Israeli

Kulak (a wealthy Russian peasant) can be a triple-duty word. Exactly Where are you from? Exactly what do you do? Along With how's business?


In his alternate capacity as bird-watcher, Phrase Botcher swears to this incident: he had brought his portable tape recorder towards the San Diego Zoo in order for you to complement his library involving bird chatter, nevertheless was sidetracked within the simian section through the Capuchin monkey cage, exactly where he observed your monkeys staring throughout perfect silence from a person's spectators for a range of minutes with a time. Suddenly as well as without having apparent stimulus one in the older males would gabble rapidly at his fifty-odd cage mates. After he finished, all the other people would instantly gabble back, for all the globe just similar to the chorus inside a Greek play or just such as a congregation doing responsive reading. Then a minute or two associated with silence then a similar exchange. Right After another five minutes as well as therefore a new distinct monkey would take the pulpit and in addition the responsive reading would once again consider place in a pair of or even 3 cycles. This kind of had been much much better than bird calls, along with Word Botcher switched on his recorder, practically right away coming towards the finish of a tape cassette and also discovering for you to his discomfiture he had no empties. After the short mental debate where he rejected the thought of erasing 45 minutes of mynah screeches along with toucan shrieks, he left the zoo and began cruising along to get a destination to purchase blank cassettes. The initial one he stumbled on had a lettered indicator through which usually the initial letter had been lost. It study APE RECORDERS.

On yet another event Term Botcher noticed your subsequent double feature advertised around the marquee of your theater within Marina Del Ray: THE SKIN GAME and DELWERACNE. Products like this usually are not liable to flee Botcher's attention, since he is usually about the lookout regarding them. generally a modest man, Botcher features one point associated with vanity: he boasts he provides never seen for restaurants menu by which he cannot spot an error. In the actual event that he doesn't rapidly look for a misspelling, he'll look with regard to a run-on such as "Al a King" or "Tornados of Beef", any real boner. As for widespread short-order-house problems like "Hamburger Steak in Smothered Onions" (isn't it the particular steak that is smothered?), he disdains to use them on the theory, confirmed through numerous many years of experience, that just about any eatery capable of that sort of howler can be certain to have got spelling errors within its menu.

Doubting his blanket premise, we wagered him the price of your dinner for four from one of Hollywood's poshest restaurants, which he would find his or her menu error-free. All Through your meal he studied the actual menu the way an attorney studies a new merger agreement, along with by the particular time dessert arrived his expression was so downcast that we couldn't refrain from ordering any round involving Courvoisier from his expense. However it turned out, like the remaining tab, to be from ours instead, regarding throughout the next cup of coffee he found a lacking circumflex. Ordinarily this would not have counted, but unfortunately pertaining to us, most another entrees requiring diacritics had received them, so he won relatively around the ground of consistency.

Since then, we've turn straight into a menu-vetter too, so we have concluded that next time you look at a menu (provided it is not for a state event from Buckingham Palace--and even then its suspect), if you neglect to find a mistake, you are generally not attempting hard enough.

College Metonymy along with Class 1 Diseases

We wonder why it is the actual fact that Poughkeepsie, a singularly-uninteresting city inside New York, along with small in order to boast involving except for the highly-regarded women's college, Vassar, is not used, with regard to which very reason, as a synonym regarding Vassar, in the in an identical way as Ann Arbor is actually accustomed to denote the University involving Michigan. Economy isn't the criterion, since Ithaca is sometimes employed metonymously for Cornell, however by simply no means South Bend with regard to Notre Dame. The reason why again do Boulder, Berkeley, as well as Chapel Hill represent the universities regarding Colorado, California along with North Carolina, although Austin, Albuquerque as well as Reno neglect to represent the universities associated with Texas, New Mexico and also Nevada? Athens is the School regarding Georgia; why isn't Durham equivalent to Duke? and when West

Point is the Military Academy, and also Annapolis will always be the Naval Academy, shouldn't Colorado Springs function as Air Force Academy?

The concerns are, associated with course, rhetorical. Inconsistent as our language is, we'd possess it not 1 other way, regarding if it had been consistent, we couldn't play the disease game with you. This kind of trivial makethink is according to a classic parlor game where your victims are required for you to find the subtle basis to have got an unusual dichotomy. The Actual British monthly magazine Games & Puzzles features this type of game regularly. 1 associated with the marvelous expansions with the underlying concept regarding dichotomies was realized in the early 1960s within Robert Abbott's card game, Eleusis. Back for the diseases. Inside Class I appear plague, mange, hives, mumps, measles, croup, gout, bends, crabs, colic, grippe, flu, whooping cough, shingles, as well as chicken pox. Class II diseases include yaws, scurvy, dropsy, malaria, beriberi, athlete's foot, pellagra, diphtheria, cancer, rabies, pleurisy, catarrh, leprosy, dysentery, as well as rickets. You'll note that each courses include plural (as opposed to pleural) diseases, both include childhood diseases, adult diseases, and diseases regarding vitamin deprivation. the time frame for your dichotomy is linguistic. another clue: we are able to think of not 1 other Class I diseases at the moment. Virtually all diseases are usually Class II.

More Class I Diseases

We could think of merely fifteen [Class I diseases in the previous Kickshaws], however Philip Cohen found an epidemic involving further examples. In his very first response, Phil added chills, creeps, jumps, shakes (a colloquial form of specific Class II diseases such as palsy as well as St. Vitus' Dance), jimjams, screaming meemies, and uglies (one of the few diseases one will take pills in order to acquire rather than to cure). Note that the colloquial versions of several Class II diseases are generally Class I (influenza and furthermore the flu, delirium tremens as well as the DTs, gonorrhea as well as the clap, syphilis and the syph).

Phil sent a new second list where he collated Class I synonyms for various diseases. There are no less than 4 Class I trivia crack free coins terms regarding nausea, and no fewer as compared to 25 for delirium tremens. Diarrhea offers a minimal of nine Class I versions with most recent count. Phil adds rheumatiz, collywobbles, blahs, and nubs.

We recall a couple of more on which in turn i was briefed from the US Air Force in 1953 prior to getting transferred coming from Lowry Air Force Base for the budding installation with Cape Canaveral, Florida. We had been alerted to some persistent and spreading entire body fungus prevalent about the Florida new england as well as harder to get rid associated with even than the dreaded fungus that attacks swimmers within that area as well as requires up lodgings in the middle ear. the Class II identify of the fungus and we don't recall, yet we'll in simply no way forgot your Class I equivalent: the actual creeping crud. Yet should you find that identify ominous, consider the actual Class I sobriquet of a remarkably disgusting male venereal disease which usually the US defense force found being an issue within the early fifties. Class II name: lymphogranuloma venereum. Class I name: the grut. talk about ominous.

We must add, although we're around the subject, in which Class I diseases are certainly not limited to human maladies; they could cause epizootics as well as epidemics. With Regard To instance, the blind staggers is surely an equine disease. Yet we're far more intrigued simply by yet another Class I equine disease that a new veterinarian informed us about: the actual hacks. The idea is an inflammation with the serous membrane with the lungs, identified by simply the coarse, grating company's whinny. Fortuitous which it's the hacks and not your hack--we may define it like a plural pleural horse condition manifested by a hoarse condition.

Mystery Story

Benjamin L. Schwartz of McLean, Virginia sent us this poser. A businessman returned in order to his office one afternoon and located the memo "Phone again Mr. Wryquick" on his desk. Knowing nobody involving that name, he questioned his secretary, which informed him the particular caller had told her that your ex employer knew the particular caller's telephone number. Subsequent day the businessman's attorney, Dawcy, Esq., arrived inside a snit (rented from Avis) and asked his client why he hadn't returned his yesterday call. Following a couple of concerns directed to become able to his secretary and his awesome attorney, the businessman cleared up the actual mystery. can you need to do likewise, given that neither the secretary nor the particular attorney has been extremely bright?

This can be way too difficult to expect anyone to solve, so prepare yourself. Once the secretary asked Dawcy, Esq. for you to spell his name for her, he said "D as in double-u, Any such as are, W as with why, C as in cue, Y as in you, E such as eye, S as with sea, Q as with quay."

613 Chai-Koos--One Pertaining To Every Mitzvah

A haiku is really a three-line non-rhyming poetic form consisting of exactly seventeen syllables arranged in the 5-7-5 format. The idea often evokes images involving nature, beauty, love along with human frailty via its creative use regarding words. a chai-koo is a whimsical haiku with a Jewish theme: the peculiar idiosyncrasies, distinctive speech patterns, foibles and mishegas of the chosen people:

Mystery of life--/ just how can the actual tiny herring / swim within thick cream sauce? Just thirteen candles, / therefore many bar mitzvah guests. / Whom shall we offend? the one-time waiter / that has become any mohel / still is dependent upon tips

Written through Steven Kahan, the word Ways contributor, this 182-page book may be ordered pertaining to $15 by emailing him from or phoning 718-468-1080.

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