How to Be a Gamer

How to Be a Gamer

Do you want to be a gamer? Mainly, being a gamer is playing games. But there are a lot more characteristics to learn about.

Dress the part before you start (optional). Dress as if you are into games. Novelty t-shirts and hats that advertise what you like to play shows that you are serious with your gaming. You don't have to do this to be a gamer per se, but it may help you meet other gamers.

Pick an awesome user-name. Try to use something that you feel describes yourself. Using L337 (leet) is not a good way of spreading the notion that you are a gamer and also avoid something along the lines of xxxEl33tSnip3rxxx. Try to secure your moniker in as many places as you can so it doesn't get copied and everyone knows it's original.

Having X's at the beginning and end of your username is not creative or unique...well not anymore. Professionals have simple names, such as: "Fatal1ty", "spawn", "heaton" and uL71m473_94m3r .Do not copy their names, people will dislike you if you use the same name as a professional and play on public servers.

Play games. It takes practice, practice, practice, and even more practice to become an awesome gamer. There are many games out there you can use to sharpen your skills.

Spend time on the computer and the game systems. Work to bring up your game skills. Even if you've beaten a game, there are other ways to play it, like speed running and sequence breaking. These can force you to improve your skills

Explore. Looking for new games, demos, downloads, etc. is excellent. No one in the world is just going to come to you dragon city hack gems and food and say "Hey take this game." You must explore for new games and other merchandise.

Take up a war-gaming hobby (optional, some people don't enjoy this genre). Flames of War, Gears of War, Warhammer, LOTR, and many others are great war games.

Learn L337 (leet)(optional). This is not really that important, but it is fun. Sometimes, gamers use this language when playing online. Some even use it in real life. You will probably be ridiculed for using it, but it is useful to understand those who do.

Become familiar with games, and consoles. Make sure you know how the physics work, for example how high and far you jump. Maybe even a bit about their history.

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